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Polices drop ship Customers  & wholesale Customers

Ordering Policies, Terms & Conditions


Merchandise not in stock will automatically be canceled & the iitem/s  costs will be refunded back to customer credit card.  If the customer would like to substitute the out of stock item for another item please state in the comment area.  Email: 520*471*7838


Most orders are shipped within 24 to 72 hours (Monday – Friday) of placement of order/s(weekends excluded).   Due to the number of Distributors that CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique conducts business with it will be up to that Distributor shipping department how quickly the product/s will be shipped.  (Most with 24 to 48 hours Monday- Friday) Holidays may be an extra day due to the high volume of shipments…Order early

If your credit card is declined your order will be canceled automatically.  The order  will be recalled to the shipper (company who has your order for delivery) and your credit card will be charged 25% restock fee.

As of now 11 19 2020 all orders will automatically be shipped by USPS.  If  customers would like a different shipping company please state in the comment section.

You will receive email confirmation with tracking numbers once your orders have shipped. To check status of an order you will simply log into our website (upper right of our pages) and in your user account click on “Order History” button, to view your orders history.  If nothing has been posted please call Vickie at 520*471*7838 to inquiry  information… nice to me I am human.

IMPORTANT Note Concerning Shipping:

3. Estimate Shipping Cost:

All shipping cost is an estimate.  Can’t be exact until package/s  is weight & the shipping location are entering into the system then your Credit Card will be charged.  If the card your card is declined the item/s will not be shipped.…..thanks for your kindness.

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International Ordering & Shipping:

4. IINTERNATIONAL ORDERS must be placed with a bank wire.  CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties &

Boutique will not accept responsibility for any International  or Domestic orders.  Once the order has been shipped CinnimonSpice & the Distributor who shipped the package will not be responsible for the package contents, damages upon arrival, theft, opened, confiscated by customs or any other mishap.

Customers are responsible for ALL charges:  shipping, handling, freight, insurance, customs fees & any additional fee/s  that may arise. We ship all international orders via US Postal Priority Global Air Mail.

If the Customer refuses the package there is a restocking fee charged to your Credit Card 25% and any other fee that may arise from the refusal of the package .  There is a lot of effort that goes into INTERNATIONAL ORDERS..    Thank you for your understanding.  CFANB





5. If you the customer REFUSES YOUR ORDER (no matter the circumstances (Not including natural disasters)

You will be charged a 35% restocking fee plus all freight and handling charges which may be added for orders refused.( Refused means any and all orders you the customer ordered in which a carrier attempt  to delivery of package/s are taken back by the delivery service on the day of delivery). Further, the customer will have to pre-pay the re-shipped order. If the fault lies with CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique or one of its Distributors the order will be fully credited or reshipped at CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique or its Distributors expense.

 Drop Shipping, if the mail courier/s fail to locate your customers address, we assume NO liability for failed shipments and you agree to pay all re-shipping costs, fees and or refunds due to the customers if they cancel the order.



CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique

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Damages & Shortages:

6. DAMAGES & SHORTAGES  must be reported to CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique (520*471*7838 within 24 business hours of receipt of goods. NO exceptions! All merchandise that leaves any of the Distributors that CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique  warehouse is inspected as it is pulled and packed and is shipped in excellent condition or it does NOT pass our final shipping inspection. If the cartons are delivered damaged, opened or re-taped, you MUST file a claim with the carrier at the time of delivery. No exceptions will be made here. Save the original cartons and packaging for inspection by the carrier. If we are drop shipping for you, it’s in your best interests to tell your customers about the 24 hour damage report clause. You have been warned!

Please do not send emails to CinnimonSpice because the email may get deleted by accident.  Customers can call 520*471*7838 to report the problem….Thanks


7. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and shipped One Way! In addition, due to the ”health related” nature of our products, only manufacture defects or items with concealed damages as a result of shipping will be authorized for return. The merchandise returned must be in original packaging and free of any and all customer markings, tags or stickers & any other signs of use. Call 520*471*7838 for damage items that need to be returned for replacement.  The Distributor will be notified and arrangements will be made for a replacement (as long as there are no signs of use)  All returns must have a return authorization number that will be issued by the Distributor of shipment  when you contact us about the issue. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Any return deemed saleable will be subject to a restocking fee  25% or will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. Items discontinued by  any of the Distributors that CinnimonSpice Does business with or the Distributor who ship the item/s to the customer (CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique ) and or its Distributors / manufacturers are not returnable and no credit will be issued. Authorizations expire 30 days from the issue date. Call 520*471*7838 to obtain a return authorization (RA) number .

CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique:

Sales are Final

Due to the sensitive nature of adult toys (whether purchase for health Issues or  desirable fun), all sales are final and you agree to waive all charge back claims as a result of purchases returned to the customer. If any problems call 520*471*7838

CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique

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Novelty Items Illegal

8.  All ADULT NOVELTY ITEMS sold may be illegal in the Customer City, State or Country.  It’s the Customer job to check if the Novelty item can be mailed to the customer .  CinnimonSpice or any of its Distributors are not responsible to check if illegal.  If the item has to be returned there will be a charge of 25% restock fee.

Ordering from CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique & any of the Distributors that CFANB conducts business with and persons release from all legal matters, fees, and damages to your (other) businesses  that may arise from any miss use of products on from  (Your) the other business  

CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique and the Distributors that conduct business together will NOT be liable for order that are not delivered, stolen, or misdelivered by the carrier.  All packages shipped have a tracking number and will show delivered once delivered.   It’s the customer responsibility to track down their order with the carrier.


9. Chemicals that may harm the body

California Proposition 65 Information


The state of California has a list of known chemicals that have been identified that create adverse effects in humans. That list is located here.


Individual products, to the best of our knowledge, have been identified as having one or more chemicals that are present on this list.


It is the responsibility of the retailer / reseller to provide this information to the person or entity that is receiving the product. It is also the responsibility of the customer to read the list.


NOTE: These polices apply to all drop ship and International customers.

These policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

If you have any questions please call 520*471*7838


CinnimonSpice Fantasy Adult Novelties & Boutique

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November 23, 2020